Easter at King of Kings is a drive-in style worship experience, bringing a sense of community in a safe way during a time of social isolation. We’ll also be streaming online, which means you can join us in whatever way is most comfortable for you.


April 12, 2020


7AM • 9AM • 11AM


Online &
King of Kings Church


Whether you join us online or in person for our drive-in church experience, you’re in for an hour of worship and teaching that is truly engaging for the whole family. We’re working on activities that will engage all ages in the audience, and ensuring the experience is great for everyone — online, screen view, or radio only.

We’re doing our best to design the experience to be engaging for all ages, and have a recipe for Resurrection Rolls that you can bake beforehand. Pastor Greg will mention them in his message, so you can make them in advance and have them ready during his message.

You bet! This worship experience is completely free.

Because of limited capacity in our parking lot, and wanting to ensure the best experience for everyone on Easter Sunday, we are requiring you to get a free ticket for our drive-in experience. This helps us ensure we have a spot for everyone at each time slot.

Tickets are not required for our online experience. For that, simply visit

Free tickets are now available through Eventbrite. Click here to get a ticket.

Space is limited, so we do expect tickets to run out. If that happens, we encourage you to still watch from home through our livestream. The experience online vs. drive-in will be the same.

Due to space limits in our parking lot, some vehicles will not be able to see our screen. Because of that, we’re designing this experience to be great even with just an audio stream over the radio.

In short, if you have a ticket marked “Screen View”, you will be parked in view of our drive-in screen. If your ticket is marked “Radio Only”, you may not have a view of the screen, but will still be able to listen to the broadcast on your radio. Plus, if you’ve got a good data plan on your phone or tablet, you can stream our service through and still enjoy the community of being gathered with others at the drive-in.

Our goal is to bring back a sense of community and togetherness — so whether you can see the screen or not, we hope your family enjoys seeing others, and maybe honking your horn a bit to catch a family friend’s attention across the aisle.

Once you’re in our parking lot, tune your radio to 107.1 to join in on our worship experience.

We will have a restroom available in case of an emergency and the restrooms will be cleaned in between services by a cleaning services. However, the building will be closed for general usage.

We have been in conversations with our governor and other government officials to ensure that this experience complies with all regulations and restrictions on gatherings. Please remember to stay in your vehicle at all times.

It’s easy! King of Kings Church is located near 120th & I Street. Click here to get directions. You can also join us online at

The health and safety of our community is a top priority for us, so we ask that you honor social distancing and remain in your vehicle at all times. We do have restrooms available in the case of an emergency, but guests will need to remain in vehicles at all other times.

In order to provide the safest experience and to comply with social distancing guidelines from our government, communion will not be served on Easter.



April 12
7AM • 9AM • 11AM
King of Kings Church

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